Powerful Logo Management System for WordPress

Display a set of logos as a Carousel, Grid, List, Filter or in a Pagination & more

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Awesome Backend Screenshots










5. On hover Highlighted Box Shadow





7. Custom Margin & GrayScale on hover Normal



8. Blur Logo Effect & on hover normal




10. Title on hover



11. On Hover Bottom Title



12. Background Logo and custom margin between logos






15. Logo Images with No Margin & on Hover Caption



16. Team (Multi-creative ideas)







19. Circle border



20. Always GrayScale Logo



21. Image Box Carousel (multi-creative ideas)



22. Image Box Carousel (multi-creative ideas 2)




23. Services (multi-creative ideas 3)



24. Logo Carousel with custom description color



25. Grid Layout



26. Beautiful  Responsive Grid



27. Grid Layout with Top Title & Bottom Description



28. Grid Layout with Title & Description





30. Grid 4 Columns with custom border


31. Grid 3 Columns with inner padding and border



32. Infinite Loop Ticker Carousel (multi-creative ideas 4)



33. Logo Filter Layout with Category



34. Logo Inline Layout



35. Inline Layout with inset Box Shadow



36. RTL Supported Example


37. List Layout (Left Logo)



38. List Layout (Center Logo)


39. List Layout (Right Logo)



40. Vertical Logo Carousel


41. Vertical Logo Carousel in Widget



42. Center Mode Carousel


Key Features

Shortcode Generator

Comes with built-in Shortcode Generator to control easily the look and function of the Logos. This advance shortcode generator can help you save & edit shortcodes.

100+ Possible Theme Styles

There are so many stunning styling options so that you can stylize your own way without any limitation. You can create different theme styles that fits your needs.

4+ Logo Layouts (Carousel, Grid, Filter,List)

You can display a set of logos as a Carousel, Grid, List, Filter, Inline or in a Pagination. Showcase your logos how you want and use multi-creative ideas.

Drag & Drop Ordering

Drag & Drop is one of the amazing features of Logo Carousel. You can order your logos very easily by drag & drop feature. Also has order by date, title or name, random order.

Filter by Categories

You can group your logo images by categories and show only a selected category or all of them! This way you can even have a list for clients, other list for sponsors, and so on!

Responsive Grid

The Logos will be displayed in a grid with the number of columns you set and the Logos will resize to fit the columns. On smaller screens the grid will adapt, and the Logos will resize accordingly.

8+ Navigation Positions

This plugin has 8+ different navigational arrow position. You can set your desired position and color your own way. Also customize pagination dots color and active color.

Carousel Settings

In the carousel settings of the plugin, you can set how many slides to show, the transition speed, autoplay, swipe, infinite loop, mouse dragable, ticker mode, and many other settings.

Fully Responsive

This plugin is fully responsive and ready with touch devices. This logos adapts with all screen sizes very nice.

Logo from Particular Category

You can create unlimited logos category and also can display logos from particular or selected categories from Dashboard easily. It's easy enough!

Ticker Mode Carousel

This is an example of a logo Carousel Slider in loop, with no pause. You can set the speed and if the slider pauses on hover. You can enable or disable this option easily.

Horizontal & Vertical Carousel Direction

This plugin has both horizontal and vertical carousel direction. By default horizontal carousel direction mode is enabled. The Vertical direction is really amazing feature for the plugin.

Unlimited Styling & Color Options

There are so many styling options you'll find in this plugin. You can stylize easily using shortcodes to fit with your website.

Grayscale Logo/Image Effect

This plugin is compatible with most browsers, you can choose to display the logos on a Grayscale version and a bit of transparency and choose if on hover the logo will have the original colors or not.

Box Highlight & Tooltips

You can simply stylize with modern Box-shadow, Hover, Tooltip and it's position, and on hover displays a highlight of the image.

Hover effects

This plugin has built-in some awesome hover, CSS3 transition effects and other effects like, zoom in or zoom out; blur effects is really cool!

Overlay effects

Show your external or internal links, title, description with overlay effects. You can set your desired overlay color, transparency. And making it awesome is in your hand.

Multi-use! Be creative!

Though this was developed to better serve as a simple way to display clients, sponsors or supporters logos in your WordPress site, you can use it for other purposes!

Logo Image Size Setting

You can change the default size of your logo images on the settings. New uploaded image will be resized to the specified dimensions.

Unlimited Logos Showcase

With this awesome logo carousel plugin, you can display, manage logos anywhere in your site, like post, page, widgets & More.

Internal & External Logo links

And of course, you can set easily URLs to them, they can have links that can open on the same page or in a new page.

RTL Supported

This plugin is finely RTL supported. You can also change the alignment of list style to Left, Right and Center easily.

Translation Ready

This plugin is fully translatable. You can translate the plugin into your own language. POT files are included with PRO.

24/7 Support forum & Free Updates

A fully dedicated 24/7 Support forum is ready to help you instantly whenever you face with any issues to configure or use the plugin.

More Amazing Features

Simple and easy to use
Work with all WordPress themes
Create Logo Carousel in seconds
Powerful, Responsive & Modern Logo Carousel
Shortcode to be used everywhere
Coded with pure HTML & CSS
Minimalist & Lightweight
Touch-swipe enabled
Developer friendly & easy to customize
Support all modern browsers
Carousel Slider with multiple features
Logo Display with custom number
Logo Showcase with title & description
All text, hover color & list alignment Control
Show/hide Most of logo elements
Tooltips background and text color change
Accessible with arrow key navigation
Two different navigation style
Navigation hover background and color change
Different Navigation position
Navigation arrows on hover logos
Set Logo inner padding
Auto Play on/off
Logo Infinite Looping
Logo Showcase order by (date, menu order, rand, title)
Logo Showcase order (DESC, ASC)
Tons of useful Shortcodes attributes
Display logo title on hover
Logo Border color & hover Color change
Logo Title show/hide Option
Set Logo Title Position
Title Color change
Stop on hover option
Control Logo Slide Speed
Logo Pagination settings
Desktop mouse dragging
Unlimited Styling & Color Options
Translation Ready & POT files included
Extensive online documentation
And many more...